Cigar humidifier Humi-3E by Cigars Time is ideal for your mid size humidor cabinet. Dynamic electromechanical humidifying system, completely automatic for small to medium-size showcases up to 2,5 M3. Simply hook it up to the power supply cable, fill with distilled water and adjust the humidity for constant humidity levels inside the humidor for a long time. The system is equipped with a humidistat that accurately controls the humidity, and it uses a fan to filter the air and allow it to circulate inside the showcase without having to necessarily turn the cigars. Humi-3E is designed to store your cigars at the desired humidity.
The system is supplied with filter, and must be filled with distilled water only. Power transformer is included. Maintenance is limited to cleaning the filter every six months.

  • Cm. 40 x 18 x 17h
  • Kg. 2.2

The evaporative manual fill systems is sold with its power transformer and can easily be installed in any showcase available on the market.